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International Institute of Public Finance

Clemens Fuest

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2018–2021

Status of CV: for elections, March 2017

Studies of Economics, University of Bochum and University of Mannheim (1987-1991)
Dipl. Volkswirt, University of Mannheim (1991)
Dr. rer. pol., University of Cologne (1994)
Habilitation, Venia Legendi for Economics, University of Munich (2001)

Present Positions
Since 2016 (April), Professor for Economics, Chair for Economics and Public Finance and Director, Center for Economic Studies (CES), University of Munich (LMU)
Since 2016 (April), President of Ifo Institute and of CESifo GmbH, Munich

Past Positions
Research Assistant Chair of Economic Policy (Prof. Watrin), University of Cologne (1991-1995)
Research Assistant, Chair of Public Economics (Prof. Huber), University of Munich (1995-2001)
Guest Professor, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy (2004)
Research Director, Centre for Business Taxation, said Business School, University of Oxford (2008-2013)
Professor of Business Taxation and Research Director, Centre for Business Taxation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (2008-2013)
Full Professor, Chair of Public Economics, University of Cologne (2001-2008)
President of Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim (2013-2016)

Other Activities
Member of the International Institute for Public Finance, Board Member, Scientific Co-organiser of the 2010 Annual Congress in Uppsala, Sweden.
Member of the Academic Advisory Board of the German Federal Ministry of Finance (since 2007
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna and of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies, Uppsala University.
Programme Director, Oxford Center for Business Taxation, Said Business School, Oxford University.
Member of the Editorial Board of Fiscal Studies, Associate Editor, Finanzarchiv, Editor of the Book Series „Beiträge zur Finanzwissenschaft“, Mohr-Siebeck (with Kai Konrad).

Selected Publications
(2017): An Unemployment Insurance Scheme for the Euro Area? A Comparison of Different Alternatives using Micro Data, International Tax and Public Finance, Forthcoming (with M. Dolls, D. Neumann and A. Peichl).

(2016): Reconciling Insurance with Market Discipline: a Blueprint for a European Fiscal Union, CESifo Economic Studies 62(2), 210–231 (with M. Dolls, F. Heinemann and A. Peichl).

(2016): A Viable Insolvency Procedure for Sovereigns in the Euro Area, Journal of Common Market Studies 54(2), 301–317 (with F. Heinemann and C. Schröder).

(2016): The Economic Effects of EU Tax Jurisprudence, European Law Review (1) (with R. de la Feria).

(2015): The taxation of foreign profits: A unified view, Journal of Public Economics 125, 83–97 (with M.P. Devereux and B. Lockwood).

(2014): Nice Guys Finish Last: Do Honest Taxpayers Face Higher Tax Rates?, Kyklos 67(1), 29–53 (with P. Dörrenberg, D. Duncan and A. Peichl).

(2014): With Which Countries do tax Havens Share Information?, International Tax and Public Finance 21(2), 175–197 (with K. A. Bilicka).

(2013): Fiscal Union in Europe? Redistributing and Stabilising Effects of a European Tax Benefit System and Fiscal Equalisation Mechanism, Economic Policy 28(75), 375-422 (with O. Bargain, M. Dolls, D. Neumann, A. Peichl., N. Pestel and S. Siegloch).

(2013): Critical issues in taxation and development (ed.), MIT Press (with G. Zodrow).

(2012): Corporate Tax Effects on the Quantity and Quality of FDI, European Economic Review 56, 1495-1511 (with J. Becker and N. Riedel).

(2012): Automatic Stabilizers and Economic Crisis: US versus Europe, Journal of Public Economics 96,279-294 (with M. Dolls and A. Peichl).

(2012): Transfer pricing and the intensity of tax rate competition, Economics Letters 117, 146-148 (with J. Becker).

(2011): Source versus Residence Based Taxation with International Mergers and Acquisitions, Journal of Public Economics 95, 28-40 (with J. Becker).

(2011): International debt shifting and multinational firms in developing economies, Economics Letters 113, 135-138 (with S. Hebous and N. Riedel).

(2010): Taxing foreign profits with international mergers and acquisitions, International Economic Review 51, 171-186 (with J. Becker).

(2010): EU Regional Policy and Tax Competition, European Economic Review 54, 150-161. (with J. Becker) .

(2007): A theory of user fee competition, Journal of Public Economics 91, 497-509 (with M. Kolmar).

(2006): Can regional policy in a federation improve economic efficiency? Journal of Public Economics 90, 499-511 (with B. Huber).

(2005): Capital Mobility and Tax Competition, Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics 1, 1-62 (with B. Huber and J. Mintz).

(2005): Economic Integration and Tax Policy with Endogenous Foreign Firm Ownership, Journal of Public Economics 89, 1823-1840.

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