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International Institute of Public Finance

Annette Alstadsæter

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2017–2020

Status of CV: for elections, March 2017

Dr.Oecon (Ph.D.), Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Thesis advisor: Professor Agnar Sandmo.

Present Position
Professor, School of Economics and Business, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway.

Other Activities
Government appointed member of the Norwegian Special Board of Appeal for Petroleum Taxation.
Vice-chairman of Nordic Tax Research Council.
Member of the Government appointed Norwegian Business Tax Commission
(Scheel-Utvalget), assessing the business taxation in an international context. Report presented December 2, 2014.
Expert witness on the taxation of closely held corporations in the Swedish Parliament, Sveriges Riksdag, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
Project manager for two reports on the taxation of closely held corporations to ESO, the Expert Group on Public Economics, Swedish Ministry of Finance, 2012 and 2014.
Member of the Scientific Committee for the 2016 and 2017 annual Congresses of IIPF.
Columnist in Dagens Næringsliv.

Selected Publications
“Do dividend taxes affect corporate investment?” With Martin Jacob, and Roni Michaely. Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming.

“Tax incentives and non-compliance: Evidence from Swedish micro data,” with Martin Jacob. Public Finance Review, forthcoming.

“Who participates in tax avoidance? Evidence from Swedish microdata,” with Martin Jacob. Applied Economics, 49(28), 2779–2796, 2017.

“Dividend taxes and income shifting,” with Martin Jacob. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 118(4), 693–717, 2016.

“Are firms tax shelters?” With Wojciech Kopczuk, and Kjetil Telle. In: Tax Policy and the Economy, volume 28, Edt. Jeffrey Brown, University of Chicago Press , 1–32, 2014.

“Measuring the Consumption Value of Higher Education.” CESifo Economic Studies, 57(3), 458–479, 2011.

“Shifts in organizational form under a dual income tax system,” with Thor Olav Thoresen. FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis, 66(4), 384–418, 2010.

“Neutral taxation of shareholder income? Corporate responses to an announced dividend tax,” with Erik Fjærli. International Tax and Public Finance 16(4), 571–604, 2009.

“Money or Joy: The Choice of Educational Type,” with Ann-Sofie Kolm and Birthe Larsen. European Journal of Political Economy 24, 107–122, 2008.

“The Achilles Heel of the Dual Income Tax. The Norwegian Case.” Finnish Economic Papers 20(1), 1–18, 2007.

“Does the Tax System Encourage too Much Education?” FinanzArchiv, 59(1), 27–48, 2003.

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