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International Institute of Public Finance

Michael Peter Devereux


Michael Peter DevereuxPh.D. in Economics, University College London (1990);
MSc in Economics, London School of Economics (1982);
BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford (1980).

Present Positions
Since 2006, Professor of Business Taxation and Director, Centre for Business Taxation, University of Oxford, UK;

Past Positions
Warwick University, UK
Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, 2001-6
Professor of Economics and Finance, Economics and Business School, 1998-01
Chair of Economics Department, August 2002-5               
Head of Accounting and Finance Group, Warwick Business School, 1999-2001

Keele University, UK
Professor of Economics and Finance 1990-8
Head of Economics Department 1993-6
Institute for Fiscal Studies, London
Director of the Corporate Sector Programme, 1987-1990
Research Officer and Senior Research Officer, 1982-86

Other Activities
Research Fellowships
CESifo, 2006-; Centre for Economic Policy Research, 2000- ;  Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, 1990-; Bank of England, Houblon-Norman Research Fellow, 1992-3

British Tax Review, Assistant Editor (economics), 2010-
World Tax Journal, Editorial Board, 2006-
International Tax and Public Finance, Editor-in-Chief, 2005-11; Editor, Policy Watch Section, 2000-4; Assistant Editor, 1994-1999
Economics Bulletin, Associate Editor, 2001-9
Fiscal Studies, Managing Editor, 1991-7
EC Tax Review, Contributing Editor, 1992-7

International Institute of Public Finance, President, 2012-5, Vice President, 2009-12, Board of Management, 2005-9
European Tax Policy Forum, Research Director, 2004-
European Economic Advisory Group member, CESifo, 2006-11
Member of HM Treasury Business Forum on Tax and Competitiveness 2010-; HM Treasury Government-Multinational Forum on Tax 2008-10; UK Business Tax Forum, 2007-10; HMRC Panel on Tax Administration, 2008-10

European Commission, OECD, IMF, various projects on business taxation, 1990 –

Selected Publications

“The arm’s length principle and distortions to multinational firm organisation”, Journal of International Economics, forthcoming, with Christian Keuschnigg.

“Issues in the design of taxes on corporate profit”, National Tax Journal, 2012, 65, 709-730.

“The direct incidence of corporation tax on wages”, European Economic Review, 2012, 56.6, 1038-1054, with Wiji Arulampalam and Giorgia Maffini.

“How would EU corporate tax reform affect US investment in Europe?”, Tax Policy and the Economy, 2012, 26, 59-91, with Simon Loretz.

 “An applied analysis of ACE and CBIT reforms in the EU?” International Tax and Public Finance, 2011, 18, 93-120, with Ruud de Mooij.

“Corporate tax harmonization in the EU”, Economic Policy, 2010,63, 537-590, with Leon Bettendorf, Leon, Albert van der Horst, Simon Loretz, Ruud A. de Mooij.

 “Proposals for Controlled Foreign Companies reform: a tale of two Principles” British Tax Review,2010, 111-8.

“Taxation of outbound direct investment: economic principles and tax policy considerations”, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2008, 24.4, 2008, 698–719

“Do countries compete over corporate tax rates?” Journal of Public Economics, 2008,92.5-6, 1210-1235, with B. Lockwood and M. Redoano.

“Agglomeration, regional grants and firm location”, Journal of Public Economics 2007, 91.3-4, 413-435, with R. Griffith and H. Simpson.

“Horizontal and vertical indirect tax competition: theory and some evidence from the USA”, Journal of Public Economics 2007, 91.3-4, 451-479, with B. Lockwood and M. Redoano.

 “The geographic distribution of production activity in Britain”, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2004, 34.5, 533-564, with R. Griffith and H. Simpson.

 “Debating Proposed Reforms of the Taxation of Corporate Income in the European Union”, International Tax and Public Finance, 2004, 11, 71-89.

“Taxing multinationals”, International Tax and Public Finance, 2003, 10, 469-487, with R. G. Hubbard.

 “Measuring tax incidence: an application to mortgage provision in the UK”, Journal of Public Economics, 2003, 87, 1747-1778, with G. Lanot.

“Generalised R-based and S-based taxes under uncertainty”, Journal of Public Economics, 2003, 87, 1291-1311, with S.R. Bond.

“Evaluating tax policy for location decisions”, International Tax and Public Finance, 2003, 10, 107-126, with R. Griffith.

“Corporate income tax reforms and international tax competition”, Economic Policy, 2002, 35, 451-495, with R. Griffith and A. Klemm.

“Taxes and the location of production: evidence from a panel of US multinationals”, Journal of Public Economics 1998, 68.3, 335-367, with R Griffith.

"Intertemporal consumption, durables and liquidity constraints: a cohort analysis", European Economic Review, 1997, 41, 37-59, with R. Alessie and G. Weber.

“Taxes and company dividends: a microeconometric investigation exploiting cross-section variation in taxes”, Economic Journal, 1996, 106, 320-333, with S.R. Bond and L. Chennells.

“European tax harmonisation and production efficiency", European Economic Review, 1995, 39, 1657-1681, with M. Pearson.

"On the design of a neutral business tax under uncertainty", Journal of Public Economics, 1995, 58, 57-71, with S.R. Bond.

“The impact of tax on foreign direct investment: empirical evidence and the implications for tax integration schemes", International Tax and Public Finance, 1995, 2, 85-106, with H.Freeman.

"Corporation tax asymmetries and investment: evidence from UK panel data", Journal of Public Economics, 1994, 53, 395-418, with M. Keen and F. Schiantarelli.

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