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International Institute of Public Finance

Hans-Werner Sinn

IIPF President 2006-2009

Hans Werner SinnHelmholtz-Gymnasium Bielefeld 1967; Diplom-Volkswirt (equiv. M.A. in Economics) 1972; Univ. of Münster; Dr. rer. pol. (economics) 1978, Univ. of Mannheim; Habilitation 1983, Univ. of Mannheim.

Present Positions
Professor of Economics and Public Finance, University of Munich (since 1984);
President of Ifo Institute for Economic Research (since 1999);
Director of CES - Center for Economic Studies, University of Munich (since 1991);
CEO of CESifo Inc. (since 1999)

Past Positions
Univ. of Western Ontario/Canada (1978/79, 1984/85);
Univ. of Bergen (1987);
London School of Economics (1989);
Stanford Univ. (1990);
Princeton Univ. (1990, 1998);
Univ. of Utrecht (1991);
International Monetary Fund (1991);
Hebrew Univ. (Bogen professor, 1997);
Univ. of Oslo (1997), Univ. of Groningen (2000)

Other Activities
Member of Council of Economic Advisors, Ministry of Economics, Germany (since 1989, lifetime membership);
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), Cambridge, Mass. (since 1989);
Supervisory Board, HVB Group (since 2000);
Chairman, Economics Faculty, University of Munich (1991-1993);
Chairman, Government Commission on German Housing Policy, BMBau, Bonn (1992-1994) Bavarian Academy of Sciences (1996),
Chairman, Verein für Socialpolitik (German Economic Association, 1997-2000);
Northrhine-Westfalian Academy of Sciences (2001);
European Economic Association, Council (1990-1994 and since 1997);
International Institute of Public Finance, Executive Board (1995-2003) and Vice President (2000-2003);
International Economic Association, Executive Committee (since 1995);
European Economic Advisory Group (since 2001)

Current Editorships:
Book series: Contributions to Public Finance, J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck);
Journal Associate Editorships: Economic Policy (Senior Editor), Finanzarchiv, Journal of Public Economics, De Economist (Advisory Editor), Journal of Economic Literature (Advisory Editor); Finnish Economic Papers.

First university prize for doctoral dissertation (1979, Stiftung Rheinische Hypothekenbank);
first university prize for Habilitation thesis (1984, Schitag-Stiftung);
honorary professorship at Univ. of Vienna (1988);
prize of Herbert Quandt Foundation (1997);
honorary doctorate 1999, Univ. of Magdeburg;
Verdienstkreuz am Bande des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (1999);
Yrjö-Jahnsson Lectures, Helsinki (1999);
Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Economic Society (2000);
Stevenson Lectures, Univ. of Glasgow (2000)
Prize of the Advisory Council of the Union e.V. (2003);
Economic Book Prize of Financial Times Deutschland and getAbstract AG (2003) International Book Price CORINE (2004);
Tinbergen Lecture, Royal Netherlands Economic Association (2004);
Verdienstkreuz 1. Klasse des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (2005);
The World Economy Annual Lecture, University of Nottingham (2005); 
Böhm-Bawerk Lectures, Vienna (2006)

Selected Publications
"A Rehabilitation of the Principle of Insufficient Reason", Quarterly Journal of Economics 95, 1980, pp. 493-506;
"Kinked Utility and the Demand for Human Wealth and Liability Insurance", European Economic Review 17, 1982, pp. 194-198;
"Gradual Reforms of Capital Income Taxation" (with Peter Howitt), American Economic Review 79, 1989, pp. 106-124;
"Economic Decisions under Uncertainty", North-Holland: Amsterdam Oxford 1983;
"Capital Income Taxation and Resource Allocation", North-Holland: Amsterdam 1987;
"The Non-neutrality of Inflation for International Capital Movements", European Economic Review 34, 1991, pp. 1-22;
"Jumpstart. The Economic Unification of Germany", MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass.1992;
"A Theory of the Welfare State", Scandinavian Journal of Economics 97, 1995, pp. 495-526;
"The Selection Principle and Market Failure in Systems Competition", Journal of Public Economics 66, 1997, pp. 247-274;
"Why a Funded System is Useful and Why it is not Useful", International Tax and Public Finance 7, 2000, pp.389-410;
"The New Systems Competition", Basil Blackwell, 2002.
"Ist Deutschland noch zu retten?" (Can Germany be Saved?), Econ Verlag: Munich 2003, 496 pages; 8 hardcover editions; 1st to 3rd paperback edition: Ullstein: Berlin 2005. 
"Die Basar-Ökonomie. Deutschland: Exportweltmeister oder Schlusslicht?", Econ Verlag: Berlin 2005, 249 pages.

Publication Statistics
10 monographs with 25 editions in 6 languages (not counting edited books), more than 200 published articles, more than 70 articles in refereed scientific journals.

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