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International Institute of Public Finance

Marko Köthenbürger

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2017–2020

Status of CV: for elections, March 2017

Employment (Scientific Institutions)
2012–2013 Professor (Extraordinariat), University of Bern
2009–2012 Associate Professor (tenured), University of Copenhagen
2008 Professor (fixed term), University of Vienna
2002–2008 Research Director, CESifo GmbH, Munich
2001–2002 Managing Director, CESifo GmbH, Munich

Present Position
Since 2013 Professor, ETH Zurich
Since 2013 Vice Director, KOF, ETH Zurich

Other Activities
Editor of “Economics of Governance”
Editorial Board Member “Nordic Tax Journal” Associate Editor “International Tax and Public Finance”
Affiliated Member, Norwegian Center for Taxation (NoCeT) Research Professor, Ifo Institute, Munich
Research Fellow, European Policy Research Unit (EPRU), Copenhagen Research Fellow, CESifo Munich

Selected Publications
Introducing an IP-Licence Box in Switzerland: Quantifying the Effects (with Florian Chatagny and Michael Stimmelmayr), 2017, International Tax and Public Finance, forthcoming.

Taxing Multinationals in the Presence of Internal Capital Markets (with Michael Stimmelmayr), 2016, Journal of Public Economics, 138, 58–71.

Hosting Multinationals: Economic and Fiscal Implications (with Peter Egger), 2016, Aussenwirtschaft – Swiss Review of International Economic Relations, 67, 45–66.

Corporate Deductibility Provisions and Managerial Incentives (with Michael Stimmelmayr), 2014, Journal of Public Economics, 111, 120–130.

Competition for Migrants in a Federation: Tax or Transfer Competition?, 2014, Journal of Urban Economics, 80, 110–118.

How Do Local Governments Decide on Public Policy in Fiscal Federalism? Tax vs. Expenditure Optimization, 2011, Journal of Public Economics, 95, 1516–1522.

Government Spending and Legislative Organization: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Germany (with Peter Egger), 2010, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2, 200–212.

Tax Responses of Platform Industries (with Hans Jarle Kind and Guttorm Schjelderup), 2010, Oxford Economic Papers, 62, 764–783.

Do Fiscal Transfers Alleviate Business Tax Competition? Evidence from Germany (with Michael Smart and Peter Egger), 2010, Journal of Public Economics, 94, 235–246.

Does Tax Competition Really Maximize Growth? (with Ben Lockwood), 2010, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34, 191–206.

Tax Incentives in Fiscal Federalism – An Integrated Perspective (with Christian Kelders), 2010, Canadian Journal of Economics, 43, 683–703.

Revenue-Dominance of Ad-Valorem Taxes in Two-Sided Markets (with Hans Jarle Kind and Guttorm Schjelderup), 2009, Economics Letters, 104, 86–88.

Rent Taxation and its Intertemporal Effects in a Small Open Economy (mit Panu Poutvaara), 2009, International Tax and Public Finance, 16, 697–709.

Revisiting the "Decentralization Theorem" – On the Role of Externalities, 2008, Journal of Urban Economics, 64, 116–122.

Efficiency-Enhancing Taxation in Two-Sided Markets (with Hans Jarle Kind and Guttorm Schjelderup), 2008, Journal of Public Economics, 92, 1531–1539.

Federal Tax-Transfer Policy and Intergovernmental Pre-Commitment, 2008, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 38, 16–31.

Why are More Redistributive Social Security Systems Smaller? A Median Voter Approach, (with Panu Poutvaara and Paola Profeta), 2008, Oxford Economic Papers, 60, 275–292.

Ex-Post Redistribution in a Federation: Implications for Corrective Policy, 2007, Journal of Public Economics, 91, 481–496.

Social Security and Investment in Education: Is There Scope for a Pareto-Improvement? (with Panu Poutvaara), 2006, Economica, 73, 299–319.

Leviathans, Fiscal Transfers, and the Cartelization Hypothesis, 2005, Public Choice, 122, 449–465.

Tax Competition in a Fiscal Union with Decentralized Leadership, 2004, Journal of Urban Economics, 55, 498–513.

Tax Competition and Fiscal Equalization, 2002, International Tax and Public Finance, 9, 391–408.

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