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International Institute of Public Finance

Benjamin Lockwood

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2015–2018

Status of CV: for elections, March 2017

BA in Economics, First Class, University of Sussex
PhD in Economics University of Warwick

Present Positions
Professor of Economics, University of Warwick


Oct 1981–September 1983 Research Officer, Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge University
Oct 1983–Jan 1992 Lecturer, Department of Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London
Jan 1992–Dec 1997 Professor of Economics, University of Exeter

Other Activities
Editorial Boards
1988–95 Member, Editorial Board, Review of Economic Studies.
1998–2000 Member, Editorial Board, Economic Journal
1999–2000 Member, Editorial Board, Economic Policy
1998– Member, Editorial Board, International Tax and Public Finance
2000–2012 Member, Editorial Board, FinanzArchiv
2000– Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Macroeconomics
2004– 2010 Member, Editorial board, Journal of Public Economics
2009–2014 Associate Editor, Economic Journal

Selected Publications

"The Taxation of foreign profits: A Unified View", (with Michael P. Devereux and Clemens Fuest), Journal of Public Economics 2015, 125, 83–97.

"Intergovernmental Grants as Signals and the Alignment Effect: Theory and Evidence", (with Emanuele Bracco, Francesco Porcelli, and Michela Redoano), published online 10 December 2014, Journal of Public Economics May 2015.

"Incentive Schemes for Local Government: Theory and Evidence from Comprehensive Performance Assessment in England", (with Francesco Porcelli), American Economic Journal: Policy 2013, 5, 254–86.

"The Causes and Consequences of the VAT Revolution: An Empirical Investigation" (with Michael Keen) Journal of Development Economics 2010, 92, 138–151.

"Did the Single Market Cause Competition in Excise Taxes? Evidence from EU Countries" (with Giuseppe Migali) , Economic Journal, 2009, 119, 406–429.

"Bailouts In Federations: Is A Hard Budget Constraint Always Best?," (with Martin Besfamille) International Economic Review 2008, 49, 577–593.

Do Countries Compete over Corporate Taxes?" (with Michael P. Devereux and Michela Redoano), Journal of Public Economics 2008, 92, 1210–1235.

"The Productive Efficiency of Government: Evidence from Swiss Cantons", (with Iwan Barankay), Journal of Public Economics 2007, 91, 1197–1218.

"Horizontal vs. Vertical Tax Competition: Theory and Some Evidence for the USA" (with Michael P. Devereux and Michela Redoano), Journal of Public Economics 2007, 91, 451–479.

"Is the VAT a Money Machine?" (with Michael Keen), The National Tax Journal 2006, 59, 905–28.

"Tax Incidence, Majority Voting and Capital Market Integration", (with Miltados Makris), Journal of Public Economics 2006, 90, 1007–1025.

"Competition in Unit vs. Ad Valorem Taxes", International Tax and Public Finance 2004, 11, 763–772.

"Imperfect Competition, Public Goods Supply, and the Marginal Cost of Public Funds", Journal of Public Economics 2003 87, 1719–46.

"Distributive Politics and the Benefits of Decentralisation", Review of Economic Studies 2002, 69, 313–37.

"Tax Competition and Coordination Under Origin and Destination principles: A Synthesis", Journal of Public Economics 2001, 81, 279–319.

"Can Commodity Tax Harmonisation be Pareto-Improving when Governments Supply Public Goods?" Journal of International Economics 1997, 43, 387–408.

"When are Origin and Destination Regimes Equivalent?", International Tax and Public Finance 1994, 1, 5–24.

Tax Competition under Destination and Origin Principles", Journal of Public Economics 1993, 52, 141–162.

"Wage Setting and the Tax System: Theory and Evidence for the UK", Journal of Public Economics 1993, 52, 1–29 (with Alan Manning).

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