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International Institute of Public Finance

Ruud A. de Mooij


1999 Ph.D (cum laude) from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Thesis: Environmental Taxation and the Double Dividend. Supervisor: Professor A.L. Bovenberg.
1992 MSc. in econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam

Present Positions
Since 2008, Head of Sector "Labor Market and Welfare State", CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
Since 2002, Professor of Public Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Past Positions
Program manager Welfare State at CPB (2004-2008)
Head of the European Comparative Analysis Unit at CPB (1999-2004)
Economist, Applied General Equilibrium Unit at CPB (1995-1999)
Economist, Research Center for Economic Policy (OCFEB) (1992-2002)
Economist, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (1992-1995)

Other Activities

Since 2009, Associate editor or Finanzarchiv / Public Finance Analysis
Since 2008, Member of the editorial board of Me Judice
Since 2008, Member of the editorial board of Empirica
Since 2007, Associate editor of economics
Since 2005, Policy watch editor of International Tax and Public Finance

Since 2007, International Research Fellow at Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation
Since 2006, International Research Fellow at Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Since 2005, Inner ring fellow of Netspar (Tilburg University)
Since 2004, Member of the Scientific Board of Wifo in Vienna
Since 2002, Fellow of the Tinbergen Institute
Since 2001, Research fellow of the Netherlands Network of Economics
Since 1999, Research fellow of CESifo in Munich

Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize 2007 awarded by the International Institute of Public Finance for the paper "Corporate taxation and incorporation in the EU", jointly written with Gaetan Nicodeme.
Listed as nr. 4 in the annual list of 2006 of the Polder parade, the list of most cited Dutch and Flemish economists in Dutch language Journals (nr.  6 in 2005, 10 in 2004). Nr. 8 in the list between 2002-2006 (see www.tpedigitaal.nl).

Selected Publications
Corporate tax elasticities: a reader's guide to empirical findings, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, forthcoming (with S. Ederveen)

Corporate tax policy and unemployment in Europe: an applied general equilibrium analysis, World Economy, forthcoming (with L. Bettendorf and A. van der Horst)

Analyzing a flat income tax in the Netherlands, Applied Economics, forthcoming (with B. Jacobs and C. Folmer)

Tax policy and subsidiarity in the European Union, in: G. Gelauff, I. Grilo and A. Lejour (eds.), Subsidiarity and Economic Reform in Europe, Springer, pp. 219-242, 2008 (with M. Keen).

Corporate tax policy and incorporation in the EU, International Tax and Public Finance 15 (4), pp. 478-498, 2008 (with G. Nicodeme)

'Introduction: reinventing the welfare state, International Tax and Public Finance 15 (1), pp. 1-4, 2008 (with A.L. Bovenberg and B. Jacobs)

'Reinventing the Dutch tax-benefit system: exploring the frontier of the equity-efficiency trade-off', International Tax and Public Finance 15 (1), pp. 87-104, 2008.

'The wage elasticity of labour supply: a synthesis of empirical estimates, De Economist 156 (1), pp. 25-43, 2008 (with M. Evers and D. van Vuuren)
'Will corporate income taxation survive?', De Economist 153, pp. 277-301, 2005.

'Turkish delight: does Turkey's accession to the EU bring economic benefits?, Kyklos 58 (1), pp. 87-120, 2005 (with A.M. Lejour).

'EU-enlargement: implications for countries and industries', in H. Berger and T. Moutos (eds.), Managing European Union Enlargement, MIT Press Cambridge MA, 2004. pp. 217-256 (with A.M. Lejour and R. Nahuis)

'Taxation and foreign direct investment: a synthesis of empirical research', International Tax and Public Finance 10, pp. 673-693, 2003 (with J.P. Ederveen)

'Tax coordination in the European Union', International Tax and Public Finance 10, pp.619-624, 2003 (with A.L. Bovenberg and S. Cnossen) 

'Tax policy in a matching model with training', Oxford Economic Papers 55, pp. 121-147, 2003 (with J. Boone)

MIMICing Tax Policies and the Labour Market, Contributions to Economic Analysis, North Holland, Elsevier, 2001 (with J.J. Graafland, A. Nieuwenhuis and A.H.G. Nibbelink)

Environmental Taxation and the Double Dividend, Contributions to Economic Analysis, North Holland, Elsevier, 2000.

'An earned income tax credit in the Netherlands: simulations with the MIMIC model', De Economist 148, pp. 19-43, 2000 (with F. van Oers, J.J. Graafland and J. Boone)

'Tax reform and the Dutch labor market: an applied general equilibrium approach', Journal of Public Economics 78, pp. 193-214, 2000 (with A.L. Bovenberg en J.J. Graafland).

'Environmental taxes, international capital mobility and inefficient tax systems: tax burden vs. tax shifting', International Tax and Public Finance 5, pp. 7-39, 1998 (with A.L. Bovenberg).

'Environmental tax reform and endogenous growth', Journal of Public Economics 63, pp. 207-237, 1997 (with A.L Bovenberg).

'Environmental levies and distortionary taxation: Reply', American Economic Review 87, pp. 252-253,1997 (with A.L. Bovenberg).

'Environmental levies and distortionary taxation', American Economic Review 84, pp. 1085-1089, 1994 (with A.L. Bovenberg). 

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