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International Institute of Public Finance


Ph.D., Economics, 1999, The Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Economics, 1997, The Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Economics, 1994, Miami University
B.A., Economics and German, 1993, Miami University

Professor, University College Dublin, 2008 - present
Associate Professor, University of Oregon, 2004 - 2008
Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, 1999 - 2004

Other Activities
International Tax and Public Finance, Editor, 2013 - present
Review of International Economics, Associate Editor, 2013 - present
Nordic Tax Journal, Associate Editor, 2016 - present.

Selected Publications
Davies, Ronald B., Rodolphe Desbordes, and Anna Ray. "Greenfield vs. Merger and Acquisition FDI: Same Wine, Different Bottles?" forthcoming at Canadian Journal of Economics.
Davies, Ronald B. and Stephan Klasen. "Of Donor Coordination, Free-Riding, Darlings, and Orphans: The Dependence of Bilateral Aid Commitments on Other Bilateral Giving," forthcoming Scandinavian Journal of Economics.
Davies, Ronald B., Julien Martin, Mathieu Parenti, and Farid Toubal. (2018). "Knocking on Tax Havenís Door: Multinational Firms and Transfer Pricing," Review of Economics and Statistics, 100(1), 120-134.
Davies, Ronald B. and Neill Killeen. (2018) "Location Decisions of Non-Bank Financial Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-level Evidence from Europe," Review of International Economics, 26(2), 378-403.
Becker, Johannes, Ronald B. Davies, and Gitte Jakobs. (2017) "The Economics of Advance Pricing Agreements," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 134(1), 255-268.
Cole, Matthew T., Ronald B. Davies, and Todd Kaplan. (2017) "Protection in Government Procurement Auctions," Journal of International Economics, 106, 134-142.
Davies, Ronald B. and Rodolphe Desbordes. "Greenfield FDI and Skill Upgrading," forthcoming Canadian Journal of Economics
Bauer, Christian, Ronald B. Davies, and Andreas Haufler. (2014) "Economic Integration and the Optimal Corporate Tax Structure with Heterogeneous Firms," Journal of Public Economics, 110(1), 42-56
Davies, Ronald B. and Helen T. Naughton. (2014) "International Cooperation in Environmental Policy: A Spatial Approach," International Tax and Public Finance, 21(5), 923-954
Davies, Ronald B. (2013) "The Silver Lining of Red Tape," Journal of Public Economics, 101(2), 68-76
Davies, Ronald B. and Krishna C. Vadlamannati. (2013) "A Race to the Bottom in Labour Standards? An Empirical Investigation," Journal of Development Economics, 103(1), 1-14
Davies, Ronald B. and Lourenço S. Paz. (2011) "Tariffs vs. VAT in the Presence of Heterogeneous Firms," International Tax and Public Finance, 18(5), 533-554
Cole, Matthew T. and Ronald B. Davies. (2011) "Optimal Tariffs, Tariff Jumping, and Heterogeneous Firms," European Economic Review, 55(4), 480-496
Davies, Ronald B. and Carsten Eckel. (2010) "Tax Competition for Heterogeneous Firms with Endogenous Entry," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2(1), 77-102
Davies, Ronald B., Hartmut Egger, and Peter Egger. (2010) "Tax Competition for International Producers and the Mode of Foreign Market Entry," Canadian Journal of Economics, 43(2), 704-727
Davies, Ronald B., Pehr-Johan Norbäck, and Ayca Tekin-Koru. (2009) "The Effect of Tax Treaties on Multinational Firms: New Evidence from Microdata," World Economy, 32(1), 77-110
Blonigen, Bruce A., Ronald B. Davies, Glen R. Waddell and Helen Naughton (2007). "FDI in Space: Spatial Autoregressive Relationships in Foreign Direct Investment," European Economic Review, 51(5), 1303-1325
Davies, Ronald B. and Christopher J. Ellis (2007). "Competition in Taxes and Performance Requirements for Foreign Direct Investment," European Economic Review, 51(6), 1423-1442
Davies, Ronald B. (2005) "State Tax Competition for Foreign Direct Investment: A Winnable War?" Journal of International Economics, 67(2), 498-512
Davies, Ronald B. (2004). "Tax Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment: Potential versus Performance," International Tax and Public Finance, 11(6), 775-802
Blonigen, Bruce A. and Ronald B. Davies (2004). "The Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties on U.S. FDI Activity," International Tax and Public Finance, 11(5), 601-622
Chisik, Richard and Ronald B. Davies (2004). "Asymmetric FDI and Tax Treaty Bargaining: Theory and Evidence," Journal of Public Economics, 88(6), 1119-1148
Chisik, Richard and Ronald B. Davies. (2004) "Gradualism in Tax Treaties with Irreversible Foreign Direct Investment," International Economic Review, 45(1), 113-139
Blonigen, Bruce A., Ronald B. Davies and Keith Head (2003). "Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise: Comment," American Economic Review, 93(3), 980-994
Davies, Ronald B. (2003). "The OECD Model Tax Treaty: Tax Competition and Two-Way Capital Flows," International Economic Review, 44(2), 725-753
Davies, Ronald B. and Thomas A. Gresik (2003). "Tax competition and foreign capital," International Tax and Public Finance, 10(2), 127-145

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