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International Institute of Public Finance

Eva Mörk

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2021–2024

Status of CV: for elections, June 2021

Professor, Department of Economics, Uppsala University 2011–

Researcher, The Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU), 1999–2010

Adjunct Professor, Uppsala University, 2009–2010

Senior Advisor, The Swedish Ministry of Finance, 2010 (part time)

Research Affiliations
UCFS, UCLS, Urban Lab, CESifo, IZA, IEB

Mörk, E, A Sjögren and H Svaleryd (2020) “Consequences of Parental Job Loss on the Family Environment and on Human Capital Formation: Evidence from Plant Closures”, Labour Economics 67, 101911.

Mörk, E and M Nordin (2020) “Voting, Taxes and Heterogeneous Preferences: Evidence from Swedish Local Elections”, Economics and Politics 32(3), 356–380.

Edmark, K, C-Y Liang, E Mörk and H Selin (2016) “The Swedish Earned Income Tax Credit: Did it Increase Employment?” FinanzArchiv 72(4), 475–503.

Mörk, E, A Sjögren and H Svaleryd (2014) “Parental Unemployment and Child Health” CESifo Economic Studies 60(2), 366–401.

Dahlberg, M, H Lundqvist and E Mörk (2014) “Stimulating Local Public Employment: Do General Grants Work?” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 6(1), 167–192.

Mörk, E, A Sjögren and H Svaleryd (2013) “Childcare costs and the demand for children – Evidence from a nationwide reform” Journal of Population Economics 26(1), 33–65.

Dahlberg, M and E Mörk (2011) “Is there an election cycle in public employment? Separating time effects from election year effects” CESifo Economic Studies 57(3), 480–498.

Dahlberg, M, E Mörk, J Rattsø and H Ågren (2008) “Using a discontinuous grant rule to identify the effect of grants on local taxes and spending” Journal of Public Economics 92(12), 2320–2335.

Lundin, D, E Mörk and B Öckert (2008) “How far can reduced childcare prices push female labour supply?”, Labour Economics 15(4), 647–659.

Ahlin, Å and E Mörk (2008) “Effects of decentralization on school resources”, Economics of Education Review 27(3), 276–284.

Dahlberg, M, E Mörk and P Tovmo (2008) “On the Performance of the Sargan Test in the Presence of Measurement Errors in Dynamic Panels”, Applied Economics Letters 15(5), 349–353.

Agren, H, M Dahlberg and E Mörk (2007) “Do Politicians’ Preferences Correspond to those of the Voters? An Investigation of Political Representation”, Public Choice 130(1), 137–162.

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Dahlberg, M and E Johansson (1998) “The Revenues-Expenditures Nexus: Panel Data Evidence from Swedish Municipalities”, Applied Economics 30, 1379–1386.

Chair, Scientific Committee for the 74th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, 2018

Member of the Prize Committee for the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic sciences, from 2011

Associate editor for Scandinavian Journal of Economics

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