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International Institute of Public Finance

Andreas Peichl

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2017–2020

Status of CV: for elections, March/June 2017

01/2005–04/08 PhD in Economics (summa cum laude), Title of thesis: “Could the World be Flat? Simulating Flat Tax Reforms in Western Europe”, University of Cologne (supervisor: Clemens Fuest).
10/2001–12/04 Diplom-Volkswirt (equiv. M.A. Economics) University of Cologne.
10/1999–09/01 Vordiplom (equiv. B.A. Economics) University of Marburg.

06/2017– Director of the ifo Center for Business Cycle Analysis and Surveys, ifo Institute, Munich Professor of Economics, University of Munich.
10/2013–05/17 Head of Research Group "International Distribution and Redistribution", ZEW, Mannheim Professor of Empirical Public Economics, University of Mannheim.
09/2008–09/13 Senior Research Associate, IZA, Bonn.
01/2005–08/08 Research and Teaching Assistant, Center for Public Economics, University of Cologne.

Since 2015

Research Chair, IAB, Nuremberg.
Since 2013
Research Fellow, IZA, Bonn.
Since 2011
Member, Social Policy Committee, German Economic Association (Ausschußß für Sozialpolitik). FiFo Policy Fellow, FiFo Institute for Public Economics, University of Cologne.
Since 2010
Member of the Research Group "Public Economics" of the German Federal Ministry of Finance (Arbeitskreis Finanzwissenschaft des Bundesministeriums der Finanzen).
Research Fellow, CESifo, Center for Economic Studies of the University of Munich.
Research Associate, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex.

Selected Publications
The elasticity of taxable income in the presence of deduction possibilities, forthcoming in Journal of Public Economics, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jpubeco.2015.10.001 (with P. Dörrenberg and S. Siegloch).

The Own-Wage Elasticity of Labor Demand: A Meta-Regression Analysis,European Economic Review, 80, 2015, 94–119 (with A. Lichter and S. Siegloch).

Fair and Efficient Taxation under Partial Control, The Economic Journal, 125 (589), 2015, 2024–2051 (with E. Ooghe).

Comparing Labor Supply Elasticities in Europe and the US: New Results, Journal of Human Resources, 49 (3), 2014, 723–838 (with O. Bargain and K. Orsini).

Automatic Stabilizers and Economic Crisis: US vs. Europe, Journal of Public Economics, 96 (3–4), 2012, 279–294, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpubeco.2011.11.001 (with M. Dolls and C. Fuest).

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