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International Institute of Public Finance

Paola Profeta


2000 PhD (with honors) Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
1998 – 1999: Visiting scholar, Department of Economics, Columbia University of New York.
1997 Msc (with honors) Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
1995 B.A. (cum laude) Economic and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan.

Present Positions
Associate Professor of Public Economics, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy (since 2005). Full professor Habilitation.
Coordinator, Dondena Gender Initiative, Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, Bocconi University.
Affiliated to Dondena, CESifo, CHILD.
Member of the editorial board of CESifo Economic Studies and European Journal of Political Economy.
Scientific Advisor, Unicredit & Universities Foundation.

Other Activities

Academic visits: Trinity College, Dublin (2018), University of Edinburgh (2017), Nuffield College, Oxford University (2016), Simon Fraser University (2015), Harvard Kennedy School (2013), University of Lugano (2012), University of Rennes (2012), CESifo (2007), University of California at Los Angeles (2007)

– Editorialist for main Italian newspapers Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 Ore.
– Coordinator of research projects funded by EC, Netspar, several research centers and foundations.
– Research Impact Award 2017, Bocconi University; SIEP best paper award 2002.
– Member of the board, European Public Choice Society (EPCS) (April 2015- April 2018).

– Organizer of conference:
- Co-organizer, Annual conference of the Italian Society of Public Economics 2016
- Member of the local organizing committee, Annual Conference IIPF 2014.
- CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2013 "The determinants of gender gaps".
- Seminar series: "Gender and policies", Department of Policy Analysis, Bocconi 2013.
- Annual Workshop "Gender equality", Unicredit & Universities Foundation and Bocconi 2011-2017.
- International workshop "Institutions and the gender dimension", Bocconi 2009.
- Seminar series: "Public policies: Insights from the Inside", Bocconi 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

– Member of the scientific committee:
- Annual Conference EPCS 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.
- Annual Conference IIPF 2014, 2015.
- Alp-Pop 2011, 2012, 2013.

Selected Publications

International journals

"Tax Policy and Economic Growth: Does it Really Matter?" (with D. Baiardi, R.Puglisi and S.Scabrosetti) (2018) International tax and Public Finance, forthcoming.

"When the state mirrors the family: the design of pension systems" (with V. Galasso) (2018) Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.

"On the regional labor market determinants of female university enrolment in Europe" (with A. Casarico and C. Pronzato) (2015) Regional Studies 50(6): 1036-1053.

"Affirmative action and the power of the elderly" (with A.Baltrunaite and A. Casarico) (2015), CESifo Economic Studies 61(1): 148-164.

"Gender quotas and the quality of politicians" (with A. Baltrunaite, P. Bello and A. Casarico) (2014), Journal of Public Economics 118:62-74.

"Wealth transfer taxation: An empirical Investigation" (with S. Scabrosetti and S. Winer) (2014), International Tax and Public Finance 21(4):720-767.

"Lobbying for education in a two-sector model" (with D. DiGioacchino) (2014), Economics and Politics 26(2): 212-236.

"Does Democracy affect taxation and public spending? Evidence from Developing countries" (with R. Puglisi and S. Scabrosetti) (2013) Journal of Comparative Economics 41: 684-717.

"The role of income effects in early retirement" (with J.I. Conde Ruiz e V.Galasso), (2013) Journal of Public Economic Theory 15(3): 477-505.

"On the Political economics of tax reforms: survey and empirical assessment" (with M. Castanheira and G. Nicodème) (2012), International Tax and Public Finance 19(4): 598-624.

"Public education and Redistribution when Talents are Mismatched" (with M. Bernasconi) (2012), European Economic Review 56(1): 84-96.

"Gender culture and gender gap in employment" (with P. Campa and A. Casarico) (2011), CESifo Economic Studies 57(1):156-182.

"Investing for the old age: Pensions, children and savings" (with V. Galasso and R. Gatti) (2009), International Tax and Public Finance 16(4): 538-559.

"Tax complexity with heterogeneous voters" (with E.Galli) (2009), Public Finance and Management 9(2).

"Why are more redistributive social security systems smaller?" (with P.Poutvaara and M.Kothenburger) (2008) Oxford Economic Papers 60(2), 275-292.

"The Redistributive Design of Social Security Systems" (with J.I. Conde Ruiz) (2007), The Economic Journal 117: 686-712.

"Political Support and tax reforms with an application to Italy" (2007) Public Choice 131 (1-2), 141-55.

"How does ageing affect the welfare state?" (with V.Galasso) (2007) European Journal of Political Economy, 23(2): 554-563.

"Lessons for an Aging Society: the Political Sustainability of Social Security Systems" (with V. Galasso) (2004), Economic Policy 63-115.

"Retirement and Social Security in a Probabilistic Voting Model" (2002) International Tax and Public Finance 9, 331-348.

"Aging and Retirement: Evidence Across Countries" (2002) International Tax and Public Finance 9, 649-670.

"The Political Economy of Social Security: A Survey" (with V. Galasso) (2002) European Journal of Political Economy 18: 1-29.


"Women Directors. The Italian Way and Beyond" with L. Amidani Aliberti, A. Casarico, M. D’Amico, A. Puccio (2014) – lead author, Palgrave MacMillan.

"The political economy of taxation: Lessons from developing countries" with S. Scabrosetti (2010), E.Elgar

Book Co-editor: "Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Latin America", with A. Barreix, L.Bernardi, A. Marenzi (foreword by V.Tanzi) (2008) Routledge.

Book Co-editor: "Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Europe", with L.Bernardi (2004) Routledge.

Articles in international books

"Political support and tax reforms in Italy" (2016), in European Economy, EC-DG Ecfin.

"Political economy of taxation" (with W. Hettich and S. Winer) in "Oxford bibliographies articles: Political Science" (2013), Oxford University Press.

"Taxation and democracy in low-income countries" (with R. Puglisi and S. Scabrosetti) (2013) in "Critical Issues in Taxation and Development" edited by C. Fuest and G. Zodrow, MIT Press.

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