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International Institute of Public Finance


Diploma in Economics, University of Regensburg, 2004
M.A. in German Language and Literature Studies, University of Regensburg, 2004
Ph.D. in Economics, University of Munich, 2008
Thesis Title: Essays on the Taxation of Multinational Firms

Research Assistant, Chair of Public Finance, University of Munich, 2005-2008
Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation, 2008-2010
Professor, Chair of Public Economics, University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart), 2010-2014
Professor, Chair of Public Economics, University of Bochum, since 2014

Other Activities
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of RWI Essen
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of ZEW Mannheim
Associate Editor, Review of Economics (Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Member of the Scientific Committee of the 2015 Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance in Dublin, Ireland
Member of the Scientific Committee of the 2015 Annual Congress of the German Economic Association (Verein für Socialpolitik) in Münster

Selected Publications
(2018) Transfer Pricing Regimes for Developing Countries, Bulletin for International Taxation, 72(4/5) (joint with Patricia Hofmann)

(2017) Hes a chip off the old block The Persistence of Occupational Choices across Generations, LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, 31(2) (joint with Bodo Knoll and Eva Schlenker)

(2014) Corporate Taxation and the Quality of Research and Development, International Tax and Public Finance, 21 (joint with Christof Ernst and Katharina Richter).

(2014) Business Taxes and the Electoral Cycle, Journal of Public Economics, 115 (joint with Dirk Foremny)

(2014) There's No Place like Home: The Profitability Gap between Headquarters and their Foreign Subsidiaries, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 23(2) (joint with Matthias Dischinger and Bodo Knoll)

(2014) Assessing the Localization Pattern of German Manufacturing and Service Industries, Regional Studies 48(5) (joint with Hyun-Ju Koh)

(2013) Multinational Firms Mitigate Tax Competition, Economics Letters, 118 (joint with Johannes Becker)

(2013) Do Governments Tax Agglomeration Rents?, Journal of Urban Economics 75, (joint with Hyun-Ju Koh and Tobias Böhm)

(2013) Earnings Shocks and Tax-Motivated Income-Shifting: Evidence from European Multinationals, Journal of Public Economics, 97 (1) (joint with Dhammika Dharmapala)

(2012) Corporate Taxation and the Location of Patents within Multinational Firms, Journal of International Economics, 88(1) (joint with Tom Karkinsky)

(2012) Corporate Tax Effects on the Quality and Quantity of FDI, European Economic Review, 56(8) (joint with Johannes Becker and Clemens Fuest)

(2012) Cross-Border Tax Effects on Affiliate Investment - Evidence from European Multinationals, European Economic Review, 56(3) (joint with Johannes Becker)

(2011) International Debt Shifting and Multinational Firms in Developing Countries, Economics Letters, 113 (2) (joint with Clemens Fuest and Shafik Hebous)

(2011) Strategic Consolidation under Formula Apportionment, National Tax Journal, 64 (2) (joint with Thiess Büttner and Marco Runkel)

(2011) Corporate Taxes and the Location of Intangible Assets within Multinational Firms, Journal of Public Economics, 95 (7-8) (joint with Matthias Dischinger)

(2011) Taxing Multinationals under Union Wage Bargaining, International Tax and Public Finance, 18 (4)

(2010) The Downside of Formula Apportionment - Evidence on Factor Demand Distortions, International Tax and Public Finance, 17(3)

(2007) Company Taxation with a Water's Edge, Journal of Public Economics, 91 (joint with Marco Runkel)

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