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International Institute of Public Finance

laus Thustrup Kreiner

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2019–2022

Status of CV: for elections, Summer 2019

Employment, Affiliations and Education
Director, Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality (CEBI), CoE founded by, financed by the Danish National Research Foundation, 2017-present
Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen, 2005-present
Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London, 2009-present
Research Fellow, CESifo Research Network, University of Münich, 2000-present
Ph.D. in Economics, University of Copenhagen, 1998

Journal Publications, Last Ten Years
“Minimum Wages and Youth Unemployment: Evidence from a Danish Discontinuity” (with Daniel Reck and Peer E. Skov), Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

“Financial Trouble Across Generations: Evidence from the Universe of Personal Loans in Denmark” (with Søren Leth-Petersen and Louise Willerslev-Olsen), Economic Journal, forthcoming.

“Liquidity Constraint Tightness and Consumer Responses to Fiscal Stimulus Policy” (with David Dreyer Lassen and Søren Leth-Petersen), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2019, 11(1), 351-379.

“The Role of Income Mobility for the Measurement of Inequality in Life Expectancy” (with Torben Heien Nielsen and Benjamin Ly Serana), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2018, 201811455.

“Born with a silver spoon: Danish evidence on intergenerational wealth formation from cradle to adulthood” (with Simon H. Boserup and Wojciech Kopczuk), Economic Journal, 2018, 128, F514-F544.

“Baumol's cost disease and the sustainability of the welfare state” (with Torben M. Andersen), Economica, 2017, 84, 417–429.

“Pension saving responses to anticipated tax changes: Evidence from monthly pension contribution records” (with Søren Leth-Petersen and Peer Ebbesen Skov). Economics Letters, 2017, 150, 104-107.

“The Role of Bequests in Shaping Wealth Inequality: Evidence from Danish Wealth Records” (with Simon H. Boserup and Wojciech Kopczuk), American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2016, 106, 656-661.

“Tax Reforms and Intertemporal Shifting of Wage Income: Evidence from Danish Monthly Payroll Records” (with Søren Leth-Petersen and Peer Ebbesen Skov), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2016, 8, 233-257.

“Why Can Modern Governments Tax So Much? An Agency Model of Firms as Fiscal Intermediaries” (with Henrik Kleven and Emmanuel Saez), Economica, 2016, 83, 219-246.

“Taxation and the Long Run Allocation of Labor” (with Jakob Roland Munch and Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen), Journal of Public Economics, 2015, 127, 74–86. June 2019

“Year-End Tax Planning of Top Management: Evidence from High-Frequency Payroll Data” (with Søren Leth-Petersen and Peer Ebbesen Skov), American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2014, 105(4), 154-158.

“Optimal Provision of Public Goods: A Synthesis” (with Nicolaj Verdelin), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2012, 114, 384–408.

“Unwilling or Unable to Cheat? Evidence from a Tax Audit Experiment in Denmark” (with Henrik Kleven, Martik Knudsen, Søren Pedersen and Emmanuel Saez), Econometrica, 2011, 79, 651–692.

“Optimal Tax and Transfer Programs for Couples with Extensive Labor Supply Responses” (with Herwig Immervoll, Henrik Kleven and Nicolaj Verdelin), Journal of Public Economics, 2011, 95, 1485-1500.

“Optimal Income Taxation of Couples” (with Henrik Kleven and Emmanuel Saez), Econometrica, 2009, 77, 537-560.

Professional Services, Selected
Guest editor, International Tax and Public Finance, 2018-19
Chair, Scientific Committee, Annual Congress of the International Institute for Public Finance (IIPF), 2018
Organizer, CEPR Public Economics Symposium (with Camille Landais), Copenhagen, June 2018
Member of Scientific Committee, Econometric Society Winter Meetings, 2018
Member of Programme Committee, Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, 2017
Moderator, Nordic Economic Policy Review Conference on Increasing Income Inequality in the Nordic Countries, October 2017
Co-editor, Journal of Public Economics, 2014-present
Associate Editor, Scandinavian journal of Economics, 2013-present
Advisory board, Centre of Public Economics, Oslo University, 2012-present
Chair, Danish Economic Council (vismand), 2010-2014
Organizer, Workshop on Intergenerational Mobility (with Wojciech Kopczuk), 2013
Organizer, Workshop on Public Economics and Public Policy, (with Niels Johannesen), 2013
Organizer, Workshop on Stabilization Policies (with Søren Leth-Petersen), 2011
Organizer, Nordic Workshop on Tax Policy and Public Economics (with Marko Koethenbuerger), 2011
Deputy Member, Danish Competition Council, 2009
Organizer, CEPR conference on Economic Policy in the Modern Welfare State (with Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty), 2009
Member of the Danish Tax Commission, 2008-2009
Co-editor, Danish Journal of Economics (Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift), 2000-2016

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