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International Institute of Public Finance

Matti Tuomala

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2015–2018

Status of CV: for elections, Summer 2015

M.A. (Economics), Doctor of Social Science (Economics), University of Helsinki

Present Positions
1994- Professor of Economics, University of Tampere

Past Positions
1989-1994, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Jyväskylä
1990-1993, Chairman of Department of Economics and Management, University of Jyväskylä
1998- 2001, Chairman of Department of Economics, University of Tampere

Selected Publications
Optimal income tax and redistribution, Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 1990.

On the optimal income taxation: some further numerical results, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 23, 351-366, 1984.

Optimal degree of progressivity under income uncertainty, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol. 86 (2), 184-193, 1984.

Simplified Formulae for optimal linear income taxation, Scandinavian Journal of Economics vol. 87(4), 668-672,1985.

On the optimal income taxation and educational decisions, Journal of Public Economics, vol.30,183-198 ,1986.

On the trends over time in the degree of concentration of wealth in Finland, Finnish Economics Papers, vol. 1(.2), 184-190, 1988, (with Jouko Vilmunen)

Optimal non-linear taxation for alleviation of income poverty, European Economic Review, vol. 38, 1613-1632., 1994, (with Ravi Kanbur and Mick Keen)

Inherent inequality and the optimal graduation of marginal tax rates, Scandinavian Journal of Economics vol. 96, 275-282, 1994, (with Ravi Kanbur)

Income Tax, Commodity Tax and Public Good Provision: A Brief Guide, Finanz Archiv vol. 51, 472-487, 1994, (with Jeremy Edwards and Mick Keen)

Labour supply and targeting in poverty alleviation programs, The World Bank Economic Review, vol. 8(2)191-211, 1995, (with Ravi Kanbur and Mick Keen)

Income tax, commodity tax and environmental policy, International Tax and Public Finance, vol. 4, 379-393, 1997, (with Jukka Pirttilä)

Tagging and taxing: the optimal use of categorical and income information, Economica, vol. 65, 179-92 , 1998, (with Ritva Immonen, Ravi Kanbur and Mick Keen).

Optimal nonlinear income taxation with two-dimensional population; a computational approach, Computational Economics vol. 13,1-16, 1999, (with Ritva Tarkiainen).

Non-linear utility pricing and targeting the poor, in Incentives, Organization and Public Economics, 2000, (with Ravi Kanbur and Ritva Tarkiainen),
Essays in Honour of Sir James Mirrlees, edited by Peter Hammond and Gareth Myles, Oxford University Press.

On optimal non-linear taxation and public good provision in an overlapping generations economy, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 79, 485-501, 2001, (with Jukka Pirttilä).

Poverty alleviation and tax policy, European Economic Review, vol. 48, 1075-1095,2004, (with Jukka Pirttilä)

Understanding the Evolution of Inequality During Transition, p. 173-188, 2005, (with Ravi Kanbur) in Macroeconomics and Poverty Reduction, , edited by Ashoka Mody, Routledge, USA.

Non-Welfarist Optimal taxation and Behavioural Public Economics, Journal of Economic Surveys, vol. 20,no.5, 849-868, 2006, (with Ravi Kanbur and Jukka Pirttilä).

Incentives, Inequality and the allocation of aid when conditionality doesn't work. p.331-352, , 2006,(with Ravi Kanbur), in Poverty, Inequality and Development; Essays in Honor of Eric Thorbecke, edited by Alain de Janvry and Ravi Kanbur, Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA

Labour income uncertainty, taxation and public good provision, Economic Journal, vol. 117 (March), 567-582, 2007, (with Jukka Pirttilä).

On optimal income taxation with heterogeneous work preferences, International Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 3,no.1,35-56 , 2007, (with Ritva Tarkiainen).

Moral hasard, income taxation and prospect theory, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol. 110 (2), 321-337, 2008, (with Ravi Kanbur - Jukka Pirttilä).

On taxing capital income taxation with income shifting, International Tax and Public Finance, vol 15,527-545, 2008, (with Vidar Christiansen).

Economic Poverty in Finland 1971-2004, Finnish Economic Papers 21,57-77, (2008), (with Marja Riihelä and Risto Sullström).

On Optimal non-linear income taxation: numerical results revisited, International Tax and Public Finance, vol. 17(3), 259-270, 2010.

On optimal lifetime redistribution policy, Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol. 12(1), 171-198. 2010. (with Sanna Tenhunen).

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Charitable Conservatism, Poverty Radicalism and Inequality Aversion, Journal of Economic Inequality, vol 9(3), 417-43,. 2011, (with Ravi Kanbur).

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