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International Institute of Public Finance

Hans Marcel van de Kar

Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2013–2018

Status of CV: for elections, Summer 2013

Doctoral in Economics, University of Amsterdam (1969).

Present Positions
Department of Economics, Law school, Leiden University.
Vice-President, Board of Supervisory Directors, SNSReaal Financial Services Group.  
Chairman, Board of Management Pensionfund for Dutch Theatrical Companies.
Member, Board of editors Journal "Openbare Uitgaven".
Chairman, Aksant Academic Publishers.
Chairman, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.
Auditor, International Institute of Public Finance.

Past Positions
Dean, masterprogramme Crisis and Disastermanagement (Netherlands School of Government/Nibra).
Treasurer, International Institute of Public Finance.
Vice-President, Dutch Advisory Council for the Interior Administration.
Ttreasurer, Netherlands School of Government.
Senior researcher, Institute for Research on Public Expenditure.
Assistant/Associate Professor of Public Finance, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Lecturer, Royal Military Academy.
Chairman, Committee on Public Sector Employment, Social Economic Council.
Chairman, Workingparty on Labor Market Instruments, Social Economic Council.
Executive Vice-President, International Institute of Public Finance.
Member, Board of Management, International Institute of Public Finance.
Chairman, Programme Committee 1985 IIPF Congress, Madrid.
Member, Investment Committee Social Insurance Council.
Member, Government Committee on Medical Salaries.
Member, Budget Committee Dutch Arts Council.

Other research primary fields of interest and publications (mainly in Dutch)
Budgetary techniques and budgetary control.
Performance budget­ing, subsidies, fund accounting and related issues, fiscal federalism.
Earlier work on public choice and cost-benefit analysis.


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