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International Institute of Public Finance

Alfons J. Weichenrieder


Present Positions
since 2002 Professor, Goethe University, Frankfurt (Main).
since 2010 Guest Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Previous Positions
2001–2002 Professor, University of Vienna.
1997–2001 Senior Lecturer, University of Munich.
1996–1997 Visiting Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.
1995–1996 Senior Lecturer, University of Munich.

Other Activities

Conference Organization and Services
IIPF Vice-President, 2011-2014; IIPF Board member 2005-2011; member of the IIPF scientific committee 2009, 2011, 2012.
Scientific Co-Chairman, IIPF, 59th Annual Meeting, Prague, 2003 and 72nd Annual Meeting, Lake Tahoe, 2016.
Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe-University Frankfurt, 2009-2011.
Commissary for Young Academics of the German Economic Association (Verein für Socialpolitik), 2011-2014.
Organizer (chairman), Contributed Papers Section of the 2006 Conference of the German Economic Association.
Organizer, CESifo/FUCaM Conference, Corporate Capital Income Taxation in the European Union: The ‘Ruding II’ Report and Beyond, December 2001.

Editorial Activities
Managing Editor, FinanzArchiv (Public Finance Analysis), since 2009.
Editor, FinanzArchiv (Public Finance Analysis), 2005-2009.
Associate Editor, International Tax and Public Finance, 2005-2016.
Editorial Advisory Board, International Tax and Public Finance, since 2016.

Selected Publications

"Toward a mutualization of European unemployment insurance? On limiting the downsides of a fiscal transfer system for the Eurozone" (with Shafik Hebous), CESifo Economic Studies 62, 376-395, 2016.

"A decentralization theorem of taxation" (with V. Lipatov), CESifo Economic Studies 62, 289-300, 2016.

"Welfare and labor supply implications of tax competition for mobile labor" (with V. Lipatov), Social Choice and Welfare 45, 457-477, 2015.

"Trust in government and fiscal adjustments" (with D. Bursian and Jochen Zimmer), International Tax and Public Finance 22, 663-682, 2015.

"Euro membership and fiscal reaction functions" (with J. Zimmer), International Tax and Public Finance 21, 598-613, 2014.

"The taxation of passive foreign investment – Lessons from German experience" (with M. Ruf), Canadian Journal of Economics 45, 1504-1528, 2012.

"The effects of taxation on the location decision of multinational firms: M&A vs. Greenfield investments" (with S. Hebous and M. Ruf), National Tax Journal 64, 817–838, 2011.

The indirect side of direct investment. Multinational company finance and taxation (with J. Mintz), Cambridge (MA): MIT Press, IX + 191 pp, 2010.

"Debt financing and sharp currency depreciations: wholly s. partially owned multinational affiliates" (with S.Hebous), Review of World Economics 146, 281-302, 2010.

"Interest income tax evasion, the EU savings directive, and capital market effects" (with T. Klautke), Fiscal Studies 31, 151-170, 2010.

"Control rights, pyramids, and the measurement of ownership concentration", (with J.S. Edwards), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 72, 489-508, 2009.

"Profit shifting in the EU: Evidence from Germany", International Tax and Public Finance 16, 281-297, 2009.

"When taxation changes the course of the year: Fiscal year adjustments and the German tax reform of 2000-01" (with F. Blasch), Fiscal Studies 28, 367-377, 2007.

"Delayed integration as a possible remedy for the race to the bottom" (with O. Busch), Journal of Urban Economics 61, 565-575, 2007.

"Taxes and the financial structure of German inbound FDI" (with F. Ramb), Review of World Economics 141, 670-692, 2005.

"Ownership concentration and share valuation" (with J.S. Edwards), German Economic Review 5, 143-171, 2004.

"Tariff jumping foreign investment and capital taxation" (with V. Dehejia), Journal of International Economics 53, 223-230, 2001.

"Tax competition and transfer pricing disputes" (with K. Mansori), Finanzarchiv 58, 1-11, 2001. "Public procurement in the presence of capital taxation", Regional Science and Urban Economics 31, 339-353, 2001.

"The distributional impact of public goods provision: A veil of ignorance approach" (with C. Thum), Scandinavian Journal of Economics 102, 737-746, 2000.

"Trade, multinationals, and transfer pricing regulations" (with G. Schjelderup), Canadian Journal of Economics 32, 817-834, 1999.

"Public goods, club goods and the measurement of crowding" (with M. Reiter), Journal of Urban Economics 46, 69-79, 1999.

"Foreign profits and domestic investment", Journal of Public Economics 69, 451-463, 1998.

"Are public goods public? A critical survey of the demand estimates for local public services" (with M. Reiter), Finanzarchiv 54, 374-408, 1997.

"Dinkies and housewives: The regulation of shopping hours" (with M. Thum), Kyklos 50, 539-559, 1997.

"Foreign direct investment, political resentment and the privatisation process in Eastern Europe" (with H.-W. Sinn), Economic Policy 24, 179-210, 1997.

"Transfer pricing, double taxation, and the cost of capitalv, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 98, 445-452, 1996.

"Anti-tax-avoidance provisions and the size of foreign direct investmentv, International Tax and Public Finance 3, 67-81, 1996.

"Fighting international tax avoidance: The case of Germany", Fiscal Studies 17, 37-58, 1996.

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