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International Institute of Public Finance

IIPF Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize

Richard Musgrave (*1910 2007) on his 90th birthday

The IIPF created the "Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize" in 2003 to honor and encourage younger scholars whose work meets the high standards of scientific quality, creativity and relevance that has been a mark of the Musgraves’ contribution to public finance.

It is awarded annually, on the advice of the Scientific Chair of the respective congress and further members of the award committee, to the author(s) of the best paper presented at the IIPF Annual Congress. Authors need to be under 40 years old. In the case of co-authored papers all authors need to be under 40. Age is measured as of the ending day of the Congress, when the prize is awarded.

Authors who wish to be considered for the "IIPF Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize" should indicate this when submitting their papers for presentation at the Annual Congress.



The 2023 IIPF Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize has been awarded to Augustin Bergeron (University of Southern California),
Elie Kabue Ngindu (Université Notre Dame du Kasai),
Gabriel Tourek (University of Pittsburgh) and
Jonathan Weigel (University of California Berkeley)
for their paper
"Informal Elites as Local Bureaucrats: How Working as a Tax Collector Improves the Performance of City Chiefs in the D.R. Congo".


Previous Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize Laureates

Year Author(s) Title of Paper
2022 Carla Moreno The Impact Of Pension Systems In Labor Markets With Informality
2021 Daniel Garrett, Eric Ohrn and Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato Effects of International Tax Provision on Domestic Labor Markets
2020 Josef Sigurdsson Labor Supply Responses and Adjustment Frictions: A Tax-Free Year in Iceland
2019 Jonas Löbbing Redistributive Income Taxation with Directed Technical Change
2018 Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne All the Single Ladies: Job Promotions and the Durability of Marriage
2017 Tuomas Kosonen and Tuomas Matikka Discrete earnings and optimization errors: Evidence from student's responses to local tax incentives
2016 Alisa Tazhitdinova Adjust me if I can't: The Effect of Firm Incentives on Labor Supply Responses to Taxes
2015 Joana Naritomi Consumers as tax auditors
2014 Christoph Basten, Maximilian von Ehrlich and Andrea Lassmann Income Taxes and the Costs of Housing in the Presence of Sorting
2013 Andreas Bernecker Divided We Reform? Evidence from US Welfare Policies
2012 David Albouy Evaluating the Efficiency and Equity of Federal Fiscal Equalization
2011 David R. Agrawal The Tax Gradient: Do Local Sales Taxes Reduce Tax Differentials at State Borders?
2010 Niels Johannesen Tax Evasion and Swiss Bank Deposits
2009 Christian Leßmann and Gunther Markwardt Aid, Growth and Devolution
2008 Mikael Elinder, Henrik Jordahl & Panu Poutvaara Selfish and Prospective: Theory and Evidence of Pocketbook Voting
2007 Ruud A. de Mooij & Gaëtan Nicodème Corporate Tax Policy and Incorporation in the EU
2006 Johannes Rincke Yardstick Competition and Public Sector Innovation
2005 Arnaud Dellis Blame-Game Politics in a Coalition Government
Michael Evers Federal Fiscal Transfers in Monetary Unions: NOEM Approach
2004 Matz Dahlberg and Karin Edmark Is There a "Race-to-the-Bottom" in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels? Evidence from a Policy Intervention
2003 Wojciech Kopczuk Tax Bases, Tax Rates and the Elasticity of Reported Income

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