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International Institute of Public Finance

Past IIPF Annual Congresses

Year City Subject
2023 Logan (Utah), USA Behavioral Public Finance
2022 Linz, Austria Public Finance in Emerging Economies
2021 Reykjavik, Iceland | Online Public Finance in the Era of the COVID-19 Crisis
2020 Reykjavik, Iceland | Online Public Finance, Natural Resources and Climate Change
2019 Glasgow, Scotland, UK Taxation and Mobility
2018 Tampere, Finland The Impact of Public Policies on Labor Markets and Income Distribution
2017 Tokyo, Japan Fiscal Reform
2016 Lake Tahoe, USA Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Public Policy
2015 Dublin, Ireland Taxation in a Global Economy
2014 Lugano, Switzerland Redesigning the Welfare State for Aging Societies
2013 Taormina/Sicily, Italy The Role of the State in Growth and Development
2012 Dresden, Germany Public Finance, Public Debt and Global Recovery
2011 Ann Arbor, MI, USA Rethinking the Role of the State: Responses to Recent Challanges
2010 Uppsala, Sweden Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Shadow Economy
2009 Cape Town, South Africa Public Policy and Development
2008 Maastricht, Netherlands Demography and Pensions
2007 Warwick, UK Global Public Goods and Commons: Theoretical and Policy Challenges for a Changing World
2006 Paphos, Cyprus Public Finance: Fifty years of the second best - and beyond
2005 Jeju Island, South Korea Macro-Fiscal Policies: New Perspectives and Challenges
2004 Milan, Italy Fiscal and Regulatory Competition
2003 Prague, Czech RepublicPublic Finance and Financial Markets
2002 Helsinki, Finland Public Versus Private Sectors in Public Finance
2001 Linz, Austria The Role of Political Economy in the Theory and Practice of Public Finance
2000 Sevilla, SpainPublic Finance and Human Capital
1999 Moscow, RussiaPublic Finance and Transitions in Social Security
1998 Córdoba, Argentina Public Finance, Employment and Labour Markets
1997 Kyoto, JapanPublic Investment and Public Finance
1996 Tel Aviv, Israel Globalization of Economic and Financial Activities
1995 Lisbon, Portugal The Changing Role of the Public Sector: Transitions in the 1990s
1994 Cambridge, USA Public Finance, Environment and Natural Resources
1993 Berlin, Germany Public Finance and Irregular Activities
1992 Seoul, South Korea Impact of Demographic Changes for Public Finance
1991 Leningrad, Russia Public Finance in a Changing Political Environment (called off because of political turmoil)
1990 Brussels, Belgium Public Finance with Several Levels of Government
1989 Buenos Aires, Argentinia Public Finance and Steady Economic Growth
1988 Istanbul, Turkey Public Finance, Trade and Development
1987 Paris, France Public Finance and Performance of Enterprises
1986 Athens, Greece Changes in Public Revenue Structures
1985 Madrid, SpainThe Relevance of Public Finance for Policy-Making
1984 Innsbruck, Austria Public Finance and Public Debt
1983 Budapest, Hungary Public Finance and Social Security
1982 Copenhagen, Denmark Public Finance and the Quest for Efficiency
1981 Tokyo, Japan Public Finance and Economic Growth
1980 Jerusalem, Israel Public Finance and Public Employment
1979 Taormina, Italy Public Finance and Tax Reforms
1978 Hamburg, Germany Public Choice and Public Finance
1977 Varna, Bulgaria Tax Reliefs, Subsidies and Prices
1976 Edinburgh, UK Secular Trends of the Public Sector
1975 Nice, France Public Economics and Human Resources
1974 Neptun, Romania Public Finance and National Resources, with Special Reference to Agriculture
1973 Barcelona, Spain Inflation, Economic Growth and Taxation
1972 New York, USA Issues in Urban Public Finance
1971 Nürnberg, Germany New Methods of Making Budgetary Choices
1970 Leningrad, Russia Problems in the Field of Public Finance and Technical Development and New Approaches in Public Finance
1969 Istanbul, Turkey Innovations in Tax Policy
1968 Torino, Italy Public Finance and Social Security
1967 Prague, Czech Republic The Budget and the Distribution of National Income
1966 York, UK Efficiency in Government Spending
1965 Paris, France Public Finance and Education
1964 Budapest, Hungary Policy and Techniques for Economic Stability and Balanced Economic Growth
1963 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Comparison and Harmonization of Public Revenue Systems, Especially of Fiscal Systems
1962 Istanbul, Turkey Centralization and Decentralization of Public Finance
1961 Warsaw, Poland Les prévisions budgétaires dans le cadre des prévisions économiques et leurs adaptations
1960 Zurich, Switzerland Impôts sur la fortune y inclus droits de succession - "Debt Management"
1959 Barcelona, Spain La gestion de la trésorerie publique
1958 Brussels, Belgium L'importance et la structure des recettes et des dépenses publiques en fonction du développement économique des nations
1957 Vienna, Austria Les distorsions économiques d'origine fiscale
1956 Rome, Italy Les effets économiques des dépenses publiques
1955 Paris, France L'adaptation de la comptabilité publique aux principes de la comptabilité nationale
1954 Curitiba, Brazil La contribution des finances publiques à la stabilité financière interne et à l'équilibre de la balance des paiements
1953 Frankfurt, Germany Les aspects financiers, fiscaux et budgétaires de l'intégration économique internationale
1952 Lisbon, Portugal Le financement du réarmement
1951 London, UK Les aspects financiers, fiscaux et budgétaires du développement des pays sous-développés
1950 Monaco Aspects financiers des assurances sociales
1949 Basel, Switzerland Le budget dans le cadre de l'économie nationale
1948 Rome, Italy Les impôts comme un instrument de la politique économique, sociale et démographique. Le financement de la restauration par le crédit international
1947 The Hague, NetherlandsLe financement de la reconstruction et de la reconversion après la guerre
1939 Brussels, Belgium Les finances publiques et l'évolution cyclique. Relations entre le trésor et la banque d'émission
1938 Paris, France Amortissement de la dette publique. Impôts directs et impôts indirects

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